To Our Readers: New page dives into archives, explores past

If there’s anything local folks like more than high school sports, it’s probably Malheur County history. That’s been clear in the past year as we reviewed our feature offerings and

Legislators must not wimp out on PERS issue

The recent news about Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System was gloomy, but the response was understated – almost as if we’re all getting inured to continuing high cost of questionable

Fledgling ag program hones skills

By Scotta Callister The Enterprise HARPER – In its first year, Harper School’s agriculture and FFA program have taken root, and teacher and advisor Kristy Riggin says she expects it

Election Day: Don’t procrastinate – cast your ballot

Next Tuesday is primary election day in Oregon, and time is running out to get those ballots marked and filed. Sure, there aren’t a lot of contested races at the

Shop by shop, we build a strong community

Vale Chamber members gathered last Friday to celebrate the opening of a new business on the city’s main thoroughfare. It isn’t a big department store or a mega data storage

Project eases access at Legion hall

Project eases access at Legion hall

Struggling up the steep concrete porch steps at the Vale American Legion hall has never been for the faint of heart – and certainly not for the faint of knees.

Never too late to celebrate

Never too late to celebrate

When Howard and Verel Towell of Harper eloped 78 years ago, she was just 17. Asked by the clerk if she was a legal 18, Verel considered and asserted that

New home for nursery

New home for nursery

The modest Ontario house that holds the Treasure Valley Children’s Relief Nursery is crammed, and that’s no exaggeration, with signs of learning and love. In one room, boxes of teaching

Beef, chicken and a good cause are on the menu

An unfortunate situation 400 miles away at the coast has some folks a little misty-eyed about the menu for the coming Vale Fire and Ambulance fundraiser dinner. Yes, the traditional

Aretha was right: It’s about respect

Last week’s town hall meeting, put on by Sheriff Brian Wolfe, was notable for its strong turnout – 400 folks would be a good crowd in a much larger community.