Advice for the senators

To the Editor: It’s reassuring that Oregon’s Senators Wyden and Merkley are concerned about Malheur County’s economic future? They inform us that mineral exploration will limit our economic future? Coincidently

The trouble with vertical integration

On the Edge of Common Sense By Baxter Black, DVM There are those who say farming and ranching is a “way of life” more than it is a business. Which

Here’s your sign …

On the Edge of Common Sense By Baxter Black, DVM Public signs and announcements are often unclear. Hidden meanings lurk beneath even the simplest directive. I’d like to propose that

All the sky we cannot see

Another View By Bill Hall I remember a time when night was dominated by light and all who saw it were thrilled. That was especially true of children – like

Gas tax blues: Meet the new tax, same as the old tax?

The wheels of officialdom are moving inexorably toward a mileage tax to fund needed road repairs. While the idea is still in the talking stages, the talk is more persistent

Graduation – a time for reflection, forward thinking

Young people graduating from high school and college are getting a lot of advice right now, much of it probably lost in the excitement and celebratory hoopla that surround such

Election Day: Don’t procrastinate – cast your ballot

Next Tuesday is primary election day in Oregon, and time is running out to get those ballots marked and filed. Sure, there aren’t a lot of contested races at the

Considering collaboration

To the Editor: It was reassuring to have the Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, visit Harney County in a time of healing and opening a new path for management

Bills remedy 911 glitches

By Rep. Greg Walden For the Enterprise On December 1, 2013, Kari Rene Hunt was brutally murdered by her estranged husband in the bathroom of a motel room in Marshall,

Standing tall in your marriage

Another View By Bill Hall I saw a woman literally standing by her man, and her man was literally looking up to her. Strange to say, that hardly ever happens.