New baby in the house? Just ask ‘what would Lucy do?’

By Brianna Walker For the Enterprise Dec. 5: Clean house, no visible laundry, fully stocked refrigerator, and freshly-shampooed hair. Dec. 6: Enter baby Parker Fast forward two months: I’m sure

Wage hikes put taxpayers, small business at risk

The state, particularly rural Eastern Oregon, faces a veritable parade of horribles in the proposals for increasing the state’s minimum wage. The public employee unions demand a higher minimum wage,

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: Gov. Brown: We, the senior citizens of the State of Oregon, do hereby request that you add the sum of $10 million to your annual budget to

Doggone those emotions…

On the Edge of Common Sense By Baxter Black, DVM It is my observation that dogs feel certain basic emotions like affection, fear, confusion or joy. I’m not sure they’re

Kate: Is it coercion or compassion?

By Steve Buckstein To the Enterprise Picture two Oregon workers. One, a highly skilled and educated woman named Kate, earns well over $40 per hour based on a 40-hour work